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Do you have mold? Water damages?

Don't end up like this guy.

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Effective Water Damage Solutions and Moisture Remediation

AIT Environmental Technology offers water damage solutions and moisture remediation for your indoor space. From indoor air quality assessment to mold remediation, we ensure your air is clean and safe for easy breathing.

Why Choose AIT?

  • When an emergency happens, you want to have a company that is quick, knowledgeable, professional, and discrete. You want a company that can do the entire job, and not wait for someone else to finish the repair.
  • -AIT Environmental Technologies have been servicing customers since 2006.
  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • -Able to remediate air quality problems within as few as 8 hours.
  • -Services are designed to fit your budget.
  • -Services are determined according to each project.
  • -We will work with YOUR insurance company.
  • -Fully licensed and certified to contuct assessments throughout all 9 Southeastern states.

Fast Indoor Air Quality (Mold Testing) Assessment and Mold Remediation Services

AIT Environmental Technology offers services to assess the air in any indoor environment and improve overall air quality. We help with water damage solutions and mold remediation to make the air you breathe safe and healthy fast.

Mold, bacteria, and viruses are real health concerns. Allow AIT Environmental Technology to treat your indoor environment thoroughly for better health. We can disinfect your indoor space effectively and quickly at an affordable cost.

Indoor Quality Assessment

Our experienced experts assess the quality of the air in your indoor environment with testing completed in our labs. Should we discover an issue with the air quality in your indoor space, we have a protocol in place to handle the problem.

Water Damage Solutions

For moisture problems or floods, we remove water and dry the space out. Whether you have a busted water heater, leak, or overflowed toilet, we can help. Our quick-response team handles water damage any time of day, including Saturdays and Sundays, and provides mold services should you need them.

Mold Remediation

Many customers have indoor mold without realizing it, which can cause severe health concerns for people with allergies and weakened immune systems. If we find mold during our air quality assessment, we will combat the problem, helping you can get back to your day-to-day routine. Our private label product, Benzyl Phenol-IAQ, kills mold and a host of other bacterial environs, allowing us back into the space within an hour to finish the job.

Additional Service

AIT offers additional services to our customers including:

Water extraction and drying, water/sewage damage cleanup and repair, fire and smoke damage cleanup and repair, virus and bacteria disinfecting services, lead based testing as well as hurricane/storm preparedness (i.e. sand bags, window board up). Emergency board ups caused by fire, damages by storms, robberies, car accidents Check out our SERVICES page for more.

Our Customers

Our customers include private homeowners and businesses that have experienced contamination of their indoor air, often due to excess moisture. Facilities and maintenance personnel from colleges, universities, military bases, and government buildings also contact us for large jobs where the indoor air quality needs assessed and improved quickly. 


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